Campus Management System Comprehensive and Innovative System

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Campus Management System

A customized, comprehensive, and innovative system to handle different directions of the workflow of a campus. It manages the legal and financial administrative performances of any institute. Prismatic CMS allows electronic sharing of student records and allows administrative staff to define the setup of departments and help to control all data and departments in any institute. It gives privileges to teachers, institute management and reduces the amount of paperwork with the help of electronic education records. Moreover, with the help of Prismatic CMS, you can find your lectures, assignments & fees as well and it helps to automate the management process of an institute from student admission to schedule management and from course to exam management. In addition, it helps to systemize salary management as well. The most efficient benefit of Prismatic CMS is, it eliminates errors and duplication and enhances the overall work experience. It improves the communication and interaction among management and employees.

Prismatic Campus Management Module

Service Modules

We unite the fee of registered students total number of active, in active and listed Students, total receivable and receipts together, on a flexible cloud-based service.

Inventory Modules

Our simple flexible and powerful academic inventory module assembles the value of inventory, lab equipment and general value on the basis of particular date of financial year.

Purchases Modules

With a single software we assist you to collect total purchases, total payments, total payables and no. of suppliers with accurate date of financial year.

HR Module

Our unique and comprehensive system saves your data on a total number of employees that are present, absent and the total number of employees that are on leave, according to financial year dates.

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  • - Student Administration
  • - Parent Portal
  • - Staff Management
  • - Payment Management