Not just another software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is just the Business Evolution you need!

Pakistan's #1 Accounting Software

Your business deserves success. And our ERP software will make it happen for you. An all-in-one system that will ease communication across departments, skyrocket productivity, and automate tedious tasks

Why does ERP Matter?

Productive Collaboration:

Successful businesses stay united. And we will make it easier for you! Our ERP software provides an effortless workflow, so data can be shared across departments.
Better Communication= Better Decisions

Handles Costs and Finances:

Tired of unexpected spending? Our ERP platform does all the financial work for you. From data automation to richly detailed financial reports, your business finances will be in check!

Awesome Customer Experience:

Our software simplifies interaction with customers by monitoring their data and buying trends, so you can ALWAYS stay in the loop.

We do the work for you.

Say goodbye to the boring technicalities! Our software tackles it all, so your business can perform seamlessly.

Why choose PRISMATIC's ERP System?

We offer the features your business needs.

General Ledger:

Maintain an up-to-date financial database with our highly accurate ledger. Data can be retrieved with a simple click!

Inventory Management System

Track stocks, automatically reorder and restock manufactured products.


Our ERP software has a perfectly built HR module to monitor attendance, work schedules, job listings, and payrolls.