User-friendly Point of Sale Software

Set-up in minutes, sell in seconds. Compatible with any device

Point of Sale Services

Strengthen Efficiency:

Our POS levers staff’s confidence in several ways, staff are not under the burden of memorizing the name of products and prices, it shows whole data regarding products on screen with a thumbnail image. It helps them to precisely identify the products that they want to prefer. You can quickly process numerous types of payments, in other words, POS keeps track of cash flow and product in a strict way. When you install Prism POS on your device, it will assist you to save your time spent on paperwork, accounting and inventories. POS save your time and boost your efficiency.

Increase Sales

When you think of point of sale or any payment solution, you probably think of credit cards, debit cards and cashing out your customers, but POS can provide your business with many ways to maximize sales in retail. You can significantly enhance your bottom line by incorporating POS strategies into your business operations. Our user-friendly system speeds up checkout and increases sales for your business. In addition, we make it easier for your customers to find a product exclusively at one location.

Make Informed Decisions

Prism POS collects data related to significant areas of your business, including transactions, inventory, employees, and more. For a successful business owner, that data is a massive resource they can leverage for strategic decision-making.

We Have On Demand Developers

Direct interface with General Ledger
Multiple cash registers
Easy to use interface
End of day close out
Integrated with time card
Freight available
Maintain and monitor inventory availability
Multiple Stores
Cash drawer balancing
Multiple tax table options
Serial number and lot tracking
Commission tracking

Transform your smartphone or tablet into an easy-to-use point-of-sale

Old-fashioned cash registers can chase the dinosaurs. New cash register technology is so user-friendly that everyone is switching to these systems. For the general public, there is still confusion around the terminology. In the broadest sense, a POS can be an entire department store, a market or a city. After all, these are all places where something can be bought or sold.