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Drive your campus digital transformation with the Prismatic Learning Management System

The Most Efficient Learning Management System in Pakistan

Learning Management System (LMS) is an e-platform created to help institutions develop, manage and provide e-learning. It essentially is a platform where the students and instructors can interact and utilise the various LMS features as per their convenience and needs.

Advantages of Learning Management System

Almost all educational and vocational institutions use Learning Management System in Pakistan. It is also utilized by major companies, Government Corporations and organisations. This is because the advantages and features of LMS are significant:

Saves Time & Money

With LMS features all the employees’ tasks are automated. They can be easily trained to perform their tasks and also keep a track of their progress or the progress of their students. This saves a lot of time and the money that would be used on multiple resources to do the same work.

Efficient Operations

The e-learning LMS software also stores all the data uploaded by those who use it. As a result, even if an employee leaves the said institution, those who join after can seamlessly be integrated into the learning ecosystem. The operations never stop.

Accessible and Digital

The Learning Management System’s features are entirely digital. Everything can be found on the e-platform which makes the content more secure. Moreover, LMS can be accessed from any device which makes it constantly within your reach. Got a deadline o the go? Simply log in and submit! Learning Management System for students is the best investment.

No Hassle

All the features of LMS can be accessed together on the platform. This means that students do not need to access a mixture of hard and soft copy resources or multiple e-platforms to do their tasks. This also goes for faculty: everything is in once place.

We’re Making LMS Better For You

Not just every LMS works, PTL vows to provide only the best LMS in Pakistan for your institution’s success. We provide help from the development of portals to the features you would like to be utilised for your institution. Overall, the Learning Management System by PTL is the solution to all your problems.
Admissions portal

System and Criteria is set up for each course in the Learning Management System.

Administration Portal

This LMS feature includes the management of all departments such as fee verification, courses, faculty, students etc.

Institute Planning Department

Faculty profile management, scheduling holidays and exams, notification management and more.

Faculty Portal

Includes all the faculty-related tasks. For example: adding assignments, scheduled lectures etc.

Parent Portal

Student profile, assignment reports, quizzes reports, scheduled payment details and the likes of these.