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Benefits of ERP and CRM Integrations

2022-10-06 10:45:47

Every business essentially wants to create brand loyalty. This can only be done when the business has optimized and streamlined its operations and so now it can focus on its operations.

While every business may want this, they do not know that ERP and CRM are the key ingredients to this dish. 

ERP streamlines the business and CRM builds customer loyalty and alliance. Both are key so why are they always viewed as different, stand-alone softwares? You can also integrate them and there are multiple benefits to that.

What Are The Benefits of ERP & CRM Integrations?

To speak in simple terms, when a business integrates ERP and CRM they empower their employees to make certain productive changes. For example, they can make quick, research-backed and more personalized customer service decisions. The discrepancies or issues in the sales and inventory can be done away with. It also increases the accuracy of quotes you provide, it can reduce manual data entry mistakes and effort  and can also increase information available about each customer. 

Real Time Access

Once CRM and ERP are integrated, a lot of scenarios can benefit you. For example, when your sales persons have real-time access to inventory levels and current product pricing, they can help customers better.

Your team will be able to provide more accurate quotes and synchronize more time and dates. This level of consistency and accuracy is key to building an empire.

Understanding Behaviors and Trends

As a business, you always want to be one step ahead. You want to know what the customer wants and what the market trends are before they know it themself. Therefore, when the sales team can view information such as order histories and customer support calls, they have the right information to provide key reports.

This helps a business anticipate customer needs and only then can the right products be offered.

Empower Every Employee To Help Your Customers

The benefit of integrating CRM and ERP also goes beyond just basic functionality.

For example, when employees in your entire organization can see the crucial information like call history, preferences, orders, service requests and more, they can use it to the company’s advantage. In real-time, this means that everybody can join hands to build the company’s strength. 

Personalized Customer Experience From Start To Finish

ERP and CRM integration also focuses extensively on helping customer experience. The integration of CRM and ERP provides full visibility. You can get customers what they need, at the time they need it and the way they need it. Self-service portals can also be created to help the employees and the organization. 

Personalization is what you need to ensure your organization is what you need.

Why Every Real-estate Agent Needs CRM

Every real-estate agent needs CRM because CRM is all about building customer loyalty and a real-estate agent’s work is essentially with people. If your clients feel they are cared for and the experience is personalized, then they are more open to seeing what you have to offer.

You Decide Better

CRM software can help one identify the clients’ preferences in a more cohesive manner. This can be taken to the next level to provide a better experience. CRM analytics help you understand which clients are more profitable. This can enable you to know which resources you should allocate to them. 

Respond Quicker

Real-estate is fast work. The sooner you respond to a call, the more likely you are to land them as a client. When clients leave requests or questions, they also expect to be dealt with in a prompt and researched manner. Can you back what you tell them? You can with CRM integration! This is why CRMs mostly are equipped with cloud functionalities or have mobile apps, take your business with you wherever you go.

Stick to Loyal Clients

You should never lose your valuable clients. Only CRM helps you keep a track of them, what they bring to the table and how you should be approaching them. What is it that they are looking for? Provide the useful resources by studying them through CRM analytics.

You can also learn to stay in touch with them. CRM software also allows you to set reminders to send them automated personal messages on important events!

Boost Efficiency

The benefits of CRM integrations don’t end there. There are multiple apps that you may have already incorporated into your CRM to access from a common interface. This takes away the extensive time and it also makes processes smoother. By bringing useful apps together you can focus on the important tasks at hand. For example, you can simply integrate your CRM with Google Apps to manage and track all your leads, files, events and interactions from one place. 

Prismatic’s ERP and CRM

Prismatic Technology takes pride in having the best real-estate CRM and ERP in Pakistan. Our CRM software is an all-in-one system that will help you communicate better with your customers. The Prismatic real-estate CRM is your one solution to a better customer base, get all the benefits we just told you about without any hassle. If you want to take your real-estate business to the heights it deserves to go to, invest in Prismatic’s CRM today because you will be investing in your future.