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ERP Reporting Strategies For Your Business

2021-07-29 13:07:38

The customizable ERP reporting is one of the features that can be used in a cloud ERP software. This is information that we can obtain in an automated way from all the data that we enter into our software on a daily basis.

The customizable ERP reporting is one of the features that can be used in a cloud ERP software. This is information that we can obtain in an automated way from all the data that we enter into our software on a daily basis.

If your company has its POS system connected to your ERP, every time a sale occurs, a ticket is generated or an invoice is created, the data appears in your software. When a product is sold, the stock is automatically updated and you can obtain a series of data that can provide you with knowledge about what is happening in your company.

Much of this data goes unnoticed when we manage our sales, inventory, and accounting manually. Small business owners generally do not have the time to report on the data. The logical thing is to use an ERP system with a scorecard in which you can also obtain personalized reports.

Types of Reports That You Can Find In An ERP

There are several types of reports that you can find in an ERP reporting strategy and that can provide you with information about what is happening in your business.

Sales Report By Months

A sales report by months allows us to see a comparison of the volume of invoicing that has taken place over a period of time. If we choose that period to be one year, we will see comparatively how much has been sold each month. 

This report can be useful to analyze the success of our Sales Department. However, it must be borne in mind that higher billing does not always mean higher profit, so we should compare it with expenses.

Income and Expense Report

 This report can be more complete, since it allows us to compare what the relationship between income and expenses has been over a period of time. From this information, we can know the gross profit (before taxes and amortizations) that we have obtained during a time. We can analyze it for months, quarters, or even years.

 From this report, we go one step further and can see the success of our business strategy. It is an important report to understand our cash status and also to know the evolution of our business over time.

Top Selling Products Report

 Another report that you may be interested in consulting often is the one on best-selling products. What are the products that have sold the most in the last month? Are sales of that product increasing or decreasing from the previous month?

 These are data that will significantly help our purchasing department and also in stock management. If a product increases its sales considerably, you may find yourself in a shortage of stock soon, so it would be convenient for you to set a minimum stock so that this does not happen to you and you can make better purchasing decisions.

Sales Report By Delegation or Geographic Area

Perhaps your company has stores in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. You want to check the progress of each of them. With a sales report by delegation or geographical area, you will be able to comparatively evaluate where you are having greater success and in which areas or branches your business is not working.

This can help you make strategic decisions, such as taking steps to increase sales in other branches, or even consider opening or closing stores in certain locations.

5 Marketing Strategies For Your Software

To generate the first demand for software, it is essential to implement consistent and effective marketing actions. At this, point you will see what are those good practices will translate into new clients and business opportunities.

1. Create A Solid Website

The website is essential for your software to gain more visibility on the Internet and, as a consequence, conquer a greater number of customers.

It works as the main sales channel of your business and must gather all the information that your audience considers relevant to their purchase decision. 

2. Define Your Buyer Persona

For your marketing and sales strategies to present results, it is essential that you direct your efforts towards the right audience.

In an attempt to achieve this, you can work on the concept of Buyer Persona, used by companies from the most diverse segments, especially to develop Digital Marketing actions.

These profiles allow you to structure your strategies, adapting your language and creating specific and segmented content so that you can reach the ideal customer and, in this way, increase your conversions.

3. Build A Content Marketing Strategy

Producing content of interest to your audience helps to sign your software in the digital sphere.

Once you structure a content strategy and index (with the help of SEO) pages of your corporate blog, you increase the chances that your potential clients will find you when they search for your solution in search engines.

When we deal with content in the field of technology, they are also an effective option to educate the public regarding the use of the software and solve the main doubts about the service, resulting in a reduction in costs with attention and support.

4. Use Interactive Content

If you want to overcome the barriers of Traditional Marketing, a good alternative is interactive content. These formats stimulate the audience, engaging them through a dynamic and participatory experience.

5. Apply The Inbound Methodology

The Inbound Marketing aims to make the customer look at the business, rather than the company conquers the client actively.

Among other things, this methodology works a series of actions to attract the potential client to the blog or website and, from this contact, establishes a relationship through personalized and segmented content.

Attraction strategies are exclusively used to win over people who are truly interested in your solution, resulting in an audience with high conversion potential.